Fables of the Sleepless Empire



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  • Item #: IFMERCH_0600
  • Product Type: CD
  • Description: Item 0600

    All inside graphic work and modifications have been done by Eric Charron
    Photographies by Elaine Phaneuf. The cover artwork is a creation from Spanish artist
    Mario Sanchez Nevado

    Here are the names of the 11 songs to be released on this epic offering :
    01- Unsolved Ideas of a Distorted Guest
    02- Words
    03- Orange Vigilantes
    04- Mechanical Phoenix
    05- The Quantum Symphony
    06- Unfed Pendulum
    07- In the Mind of the Last Whale
    08- Silence this Parasite
    09- A Fading Stance
    10- When the Joyful Dead are Dancing
    11- Until yet a few more Deaths do us Part

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